Nerve Impingement

Chronic / Acute Pain? Tingling or Numbness?  Really Tight Muscles? Poor Structure? Limited ROM? Pinched Nerve? Headaches?

nerve pain back

You may want to consider this treatment. I took this as a continuing education class many years ago and continue to use it often (especially on myself). This is a very specific treatment that involves working with specific nerve roots. Each muscle along the nerve root is stretched and compressed which reprograms the muscles.  As you may know our muscles have memory so it’s important to reset them so they don’t create tension in our body. When the muscle is reprogrammed it isn’t so tight.  Tight muscles create tension in the body and can pinch nerves which can cause severe pain and compromise your range of motion. This is a treatment that involves you helping with the work so you’ll need to wear clothes you can comfortably stretch in and be ready to move into stretch positions. The treatment may provide immediate results or it can take some additional time to notice. Everyone’s results vary.  Many of the moves are easily done on your own so I always suggest keeping up with specific techniques for your condition. This is not a painful treatment. Most clients will have limited range of motion. You don’t need to surpass your current ROM for this technique to be effective.

Some common conditions this treatment is useful for are headaches, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, neck pain, lower back pain, unhealthy discs, and structural problems.

Go to for more information. The site also offers videos you can purchase for the more common problems such as headaches.  This treatment can be combined with a massage session as well to help relax the muscles even further to enhance the results even more so.

Price: $1/minute (the longest protocol is about 30 minutes)






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