Overall Health

Overall changes to lifestyle: This is a list of changes that I believe are very important, in order, to achieve optimal health. I make changes as I learn about new information that I feel should be included.

Eating: try to eat lean protein, healthy fats, low carbs, and limit sugar. Try to eat all meals within an eight hour period, but especially finishing eating a few hours before bedtime. Organic is great if possible. Fasting might be beneficial depending on your health issues.

Environment: Gradually switch over cleaning products to natural/homemade products. There are tons of recipes online for cleaning products.

Skin: use natural or homemade skin products. Everything that goes on your skin absorbs into your body. There are many recipes online for moisturizers, toothpaste, deodorant, ect….

Physical activity: it’s important to be physical every day. This doesn’t mean you have to follow a rigorous workout routine, but it’s important for the body to move and stay active even if it’s just walking. HIIT are great workouts that don’t take much time and don’t and shouldn’t be performed every day.

Sleep: many people don’t get enough sleep, but it really affects your overall health. Our bodies heal when we sleep. It’s best to be asleep by 10pm and not have lights and electronics on in the sleeping area.

Energy work: This impacts all areas of your health so it’s important to work this into your daily routine.  I really can’t stress how important this is. Donna Eden ~ Energy Medicine daily routine should be done as much as possible. Check her out on YouTube.

EMF: electromagnetic frequencies impact our health in a negative manner. There are many things you can buy to help with this concern.  At the very least turn your wifi off at night. Keeping up with the Daily Energy Routine helps with this issue and it’s free.

Vitamin D: this is actually a hormone and the cheapest, easiest way to get it is by being in the sun for about 20-30 minutes per day without sunscreen.

Detox: since our world is full of toxins it’s important to detox on a regular basis. Mercury dental fillings should be removed by a qualified dentist. There are many ways to detox your body so do some research and do what makes sense to you.

Stress: find a technique to help with stress such as EFT.

Socialization: Meaningful human relationships play a big part in our health.

I believe many people have issues with mold, yeast, heavy metals, and parasites and don’t realize it.  If you have some mysterious health issues going on you may look into these causes.


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