Heather and LucyI moved to Arizona in 2006 from Nebraska to escape the long, cold winters. I enjoy being outdoors even when it’s 110 degrees. I won’t say I love working out, but I do so almost every day to stay energized. I incorporate healthy eating habits MOST of the time.  I do energy work on myself on a regular basis and it has saved my massage career (I never thought I’d be one of those “energy people”). I have my bachelors degree in Business from the University of Nebraska. I’m an animal lover. I enjoy traveling to warm climates and learning about different cultures. I love massage because it encompasses all areas of our health whether it’s physical, mental, or spiritual.  I also enjoy hearing your stories, for those who like to share while relaxing.

I studied massage therapy at Arizona School of Massage Therapy and graduated in Dec ’06. I customize each massage according to your individuals needs. I usually incorporate several modalities which include stretching, hot stone, varied pressure, and energy work. I am constantly educating myself on effective treatments to balance our overall health. I almost always have homework for clients to optimize their overall health or treat specific issues. I strongly believe in treating the body as a whole and not specific areas or issues, in order, to achieve optimal health.

**Sadly, Lucy passed away. I miss her dearly and will get another dog at some point.  I feel like I should mention this because some have hired me to mostly see her cute face:)


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