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I use these websites or products to optimize my health. I try to find quick and effective treatments which these prove to be.

Need help navigating through all the information? Please contact me so I can guide you in the right direction.

  • People post natural things they’ve tried for their ailments and whether it worked or not.  Great site to reference and very interesting.
  • Treatment for nerve impingement.  I took the class many years ago and I constantly utilize this technique. He also sells DVDs so you can treat yourself for certain conditions.
  • They usually have good prices for supplements. This is where I buy hyaluronic acid.
  •  I’ve studied and practiced this energy work for several years now.  This energy work is done in a very clinical way. You can test your energy systems to see what exercises are beneficial. I highly recommend buying her book. Everyone should do the daily routine to create positive energy flow. I’d be happy to email you the daily routine. Once you get energy flowing correctly in your body it can be very easy to fix problems that may arise. This is my go-to advise for every problem.
  • I just bought the sauna fixture and Tri-Oxy Re-Ion machine from this site. She has some interesting products that she develops herself. You can tell she is very passionate about her work plus I always like to support individuals rather than big companies.
  • I refer to his site regarding recipes for essential oils. He has a lot of useful info and videos.
  • Got pain? She demonstrates how our posture can cause pain and teaches you the proper way to sit, stand, sleep….
  • Sign up for his newsletter. His articles are always very interesting .  I incorporate many of his suggestions into my lifestyle.
  • Hyaluronic acid This is a substance our body naturally produces. It is found in our connective tissue and provides cushion and lubrication. As we age production slows so we begin to feel pain because we lose the cushion and lubrication it provides. Contact me and I’ll email you the instructions. Everyone that uses this has commented that they notice a difference, including myself. Very cheap too. Don’t buy the pill form it doesn’t usually absorb well.
  • Turmeric Yes, the yellow Indian spice. I don’t like the taste so I get it in a capsule form.  Too many benefits to list so you’ll have to do the research yourself.
  • Hydrogen peroxide Whenever I’m around sick people or feel like I could be getting sick I inhale hydrogen peroxide. Look up how to do this on YouTube.  I used to drink food grade hp, but that method kills all your good gut flora too.  Inhaling hp goes directly to your lungs and spreads to your blood without effecting your gut.
  • Apple cider vinegar This seems to cure everything. Refer to
  • Energy Psychology Techniques: These techniques can be used on anything including, fear, pain, anxiety, addiction, or any emotional issue. How important are our emotions when it comes to our health? VERY! Even the CDC states that “85 percent of disease is caused by our emotions”. 

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also called”Tapping”

Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson

Healing code – Alex Loyd

Ask and Receive by Sandy Radomski

Quantum Touch- Richard Gordon

  • **How I like to explain energy work: Everything is energy! Physical objects, thoughts, emotions, and  our entire body is all made of energy. This was Einstein’s theory E=mc2. If you’re ever bored you can study quantum physics to verify the theory. Our bodies contain many energy systems. When these energy systems  get out of balance and run in the wrong direction that’s when we start to have health issues.  There are many ways to move energy in our bodies.  You’ve probably heard of some of them like acupuncture, acupressure, cranial sacral, and reiki. Whatever technique you chose to do just remember our energy systems have habits so you need to keep doing it to create the new habit which doesn’t take that long, in my opinion. The energy techniques I’ve listed will explain more indepth how energy works. If you want to feel energy then put your hands in a praying position and curl your fingers inward so your finger nails are touching each other and rub them together vigorously.  Then pull them apart and feel the vibration. That’s energy! Some people are very sensitive to energy and can feel it easily, but others like myself have to work at it. I never really understood energy work and definitely didn’t think I’d study it beyond massage school, but when my hands started hurting I knew I needed to do something.   It took a long time to find something to be passionate about. Energy work has truly changed my life.


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