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Allergies really have to do with our immune system. When our immune system is weak we can have a myriad of health problems including allergies. It takes awhile to build up our immune system and it takes work, but gradual life changes and treating with a laser you can take your life back.

When most people think of allergies they think of having a reaction to pollen, dust, food, animals or pollution.  We don’t really think of having reactions to other people, vaccines, heavy metals, or emotions.  In fact, we can have a negative reaction to anything. The treatment I offer can treat all of these things, but also improve other conditions like the ones listed below:




Allergic Asthma






Hay Fever


Lactose Intolerance

Leaky Gut



How it works ~ This natural treatment involves using a laser to reprogram your body so it won’t trigger an allergic response. We can have reactions to everything under the sun (even the sun) which can throw our whole system out of whack! Anyone can develop a reaction to anything at any given time. It doesn’t matter if you’re two or 87 years old our unhealthy environment can throw us out of balance.

Why choose this treatment ~ there are many variations of this treatment, but the one thing I do differently is to teach you exercises to keep your system strong. Everything is energy just like Einstein theorized so absolutely anything can take us out of balance. Of course, it’s important to eat clean and stay away from toxins as much as possible, but our world is full of things that impact us in a negative manner. Wouldn’t it be great to create a strong presence so we aren’t disrupted by our toxic world? It’s actually very easy to learn and takes only about five minutes. Doing these exercises will enhance your results and will help maintain them as well.

Results ~ Our bodies are all very unique just like our thumbprint so everyone will have different results. I personally have had amazing results. I previously had reactions to oils which I use in my work every day.  I can work without getting a runny nose now. I have a reaction to the sun along with many of my family members. It’s so nice to go outside on a sunny day and not sneeze.

What to expect ~ This treatment will probably be nothing like you’ve experienced before and yes it’ll seem weird. Allow about 20 minutes for a treatment. The treatments need to take place at least two days apart. You might be asked to stay away from certain foods for a certain time period following the treatment.

Price ~ I offer these treatments at a huge discount because I feel everyone has the right to a comfortable life. Most places charge $100 per treatment. I bundle the core treatments because everyone needs to complete this set before continuing on to other treatments if necessary. I just want to make sure everyone follows through with the minimum set of treatments.

Initial 12 Core treatments: $300 must be paid in full at first appointment

Additional treatments: $25 each pay as you go


Pets Initial 7 Core treatments: $150                             

Additional pet treatments: $20

**will treat pet for free with the purchase of human treatment package (core treatments)

** If there are several people in your family to be treated I will come to you for a travel fee (TBD by the distance and time of day)

The following is a link to the daily energy routine:


Post treatment care


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